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Manila Bars

La Cafe Manila

I won’t hesitate to say that La Cafe if one of the popular freelancer’s pick-up bars in Manila Philippines to enjoy the hot Manila nights. This bar has been named to Bay Cafe and even with other similar names but people still knows this bar by its original name which is La Cafe. The bar is not located in a good area but who cares? If you want to enjoy the Manila Philippines nightlife, then you must avoid this issue and enter in the bar to find the best sex workers.

Unlike other bars, the La Cafe remains open 24 hours of the day but the real fun in the bar starts after the sunset when the group of sexy girls performs live music upstairs. By the building, the bar may not look very big but there are more than 100 girls available for the sex all the time. This is a freelancer bar which means that those girls are not employed of the bar but came to the bar in search of the customers to have sex and earn money.

What to do there

You can enjoy drinks, play pool games, watch live music performance and get involved with the local girls in terms of sex. That what this bar is famous for! The keeps open 24 hours which means that even if you entered there after the breakfast, you will still get dozens of girls there to have sex. This is why I like this bar.

When to go there

If you are only looking for sex, then you can go there any time of the day and night but if you are looking for more fun, meet more sexy girls and enjoy the Manila night, then you need to go there before 9 PM because, after that, it could become very difficult to get in there due to limited seats for the guys.

The ratio of girls and boys in the bar is 70 and 30 all the time. When I say boys, it does not mean the gay guys or ladyboys but the visitors like you and me. This is actually a good ratio which is not very common to see in Manila bar, especially in the freelancer pickup bars. This allows you to choose the girl for sex easily on the basis of your preferences.

Prices at La Cafe

This is a freelancer pickup bar. This means that there is no bar fine or ladies drink requirement at all to have sex with the girl. The price will be set by the girls there but if you are good in negotiation then you can easily save some money.

The price of drinks here depends on the brand. The imported drinks are bit expensive as compared to the local drinks but overall its value for the money. If you like a sex worker, then you can take her for short or long time in your bedroom after having a single drink or even offering no drink to her.

To watch the live musical performance on the first floor you need to pay 100 PHP entry fee. Only go there if you like to watch the live musical performance by the group of the band. Usually, people are forced to go there if the ground floor gets filled with the visitors.


The girls here will ask for 2000 PHP for sex for the whole night but 1000 PHP for short time. You can easily decrease the cost by negotiating. Generally, it should not cost you more than 1500 PHP for the whole night. Defiantly, the young girl may cost you more there as they are always in the demand. The old freelancer will ask you for the money for showing the young, sexy and attractive girls. You can pick this option too but make sure to not pay any money until they come up with the girls.

There are also pool games which cost 25 Pesos for 7 minutes and 100 Pesos for 30 minutes. The pool games area is also good to get the girls for sex and the girls will touch your privates when you bend for the game and this is free. I have also seen a guy was getting a blowjob under the pool table there while playing the game. So it is worth to pay the pool table games prices in this bar.

Overall, this is a great bar to enjoy Manila nightlife without worrying about ladies drink and bar fine stuff.

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