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The Curator Bar – Manila

The Curator Bar

Generally, the people of manila are usually partying, it is evident when you go to visit that city and go out at night, day after day you will be able to find many people in parties, bars, restaurants, shopping centers among others. Maybe this is part of a culture that has been formed over the years, and has adapted very well, most foreigners who usually visit this city are delighted with it, and wanting to return. This is certainly one of those cities my friend. It is one where could change the mentality, and the way of seeing the world, many often visit her for her “hot” nights and is that in it you can find everything a little.

One of the most controversial topics you will find in it are the bars, most or rather almost all are usually speakeasy bars or hidden bars, which despite being well hidden are fabulous bars that will take you to another dimension. Most of these bars are so well hidden that it is almost impossible to find them, people usually visit them for their drinks, many have a good presentation, others are a bit expensive but their drinks are the best, while many are cheap but the service and the drinks are usually very bad, so they have a very bad reputation.

The Curator Bar
The Curator Bar

Today we wanted to do a search of one of the best manila bars, and we found “The Curator” which besides being a bar is also a Coffee. In the day, they function as a cafeteria, in fact, a very good one, in which they offer breakfasts accompanied with their respective coffees, but at night they function as a bar. For many people, finding this site is usually a challenge, however, it is well known that overcoming this challenge is very satisfactory, because when you enter this you will find a modern environment.

One of the things that displeased customers was the list of food which in his opinion is very “limited” however many are satisfied when ordering any of their meals.  In the case of cocktails, these have a menu which they update by changing each of their drinks every year, this in order to maintain the interest of the clientele in knowing what surprise they will find when visiting, fabulously the bartender can do a special cocktail for your mood.

This has been one of the things has surprised me the most. Apart from that they have a great variety of alcoholic beverages, which is fantastic. On the other hand, we find the service, the bar has a very good service offered to the client, the waiters are very hardworking, and efficient, you can tell by leagues that each of them work with passion, with the only intention of making you feel in home. The music is usually very varied, this is done so that all customers are satisfied and do not get bored of the same songs every day.

So taking into account all that has been said, we could say that without doubt this is one of the best bars in Manila, however, many people prefer other types of bars, this bar is designed for personal meetings with friends.  If you get to visit them, you will notice that you will find many couples tasting a fabulous cocktail, while they have a good “Appointment”, this bar is usually very romantic. There are days when it is full of couples, as there are days when you will find groups Huge friends, most are young guys who only seek to leave a little burdens or problems, and immerse themselves in a fascinating cocktail.

Likewise you will meet with people totally alone, who in many cases have made very good friends in this place or couples. This bar is located in one of the best areas of Manila, close to it you will find many places of food, apart safety is paramount in this. And out of this, apart from that we find that it is very close to the Philippines airport, which is perfect for those people who have a scheduled flight but still have hours to go, can attend the bar or coffee, and relax while the departure time is fulfilled.

The Curator Bar
The Curator Bar

One of the things that has helped this cafe / bar has been the good management of social networks. They have a Facebook page in which they have around 9,000 followers, in which 95% have been satisfied with this Local, is that page often post pictures of their most fabulous cocktails or waiters and bartender’s also usually published when special nights or offers per day. It has become a place so visited that lately has chosen to make reservations, more that everything at night, the place is usually full of people.

Personally I consider that this is one of the most fabulous bars there are, if we take into account that it offers a great variety of cocktails and drinks, and that the music in it is usually diverse. Likewise that the staff that usually attends you is very kind, and it makes you feel at home, which makes you think that they are willing to do what they do and that they not only work to generate a single income, also that this bar is not so extravagant and that it has a certain humility in itself.

This has driven much to the visit of many people, who only seek to find a quiet place, where they can find some harmony, the curator is not only a cafeteria and a bar, it is also that place where you can sit down to think or analyze about your problems and decisions without anyone questioning you. This is usually a very quiet place, now well, if what you are looking for is not it, if not share with your friends it is also the ideal place, as we mentioned before this place usually has usually “a group of friends” which give life to this same. With nothing more to say, our invitation is to visit this wonderful bar, and tell us what your experience was; if you already visited it would be good to let us know what was your experience in it.

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