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Manila Bars

Plan B Hostess Bar – Manila

Plan B Hostess Bar

In theory, a bar is an establishment in which there is an elongated counter to serve drinks and some meals. However, from a social point of view, a bar is much more than that. It is a place where people generally seek to enjoy, distract their mind, meet new people. In addition, drink and leave all worries aside while you enjoy a good drink and good music. For many, one of the conditions to attend a bar is the type of glass. Many people have the belief that the cup affects the taste of the drink. It is for this reason that most bars have a wide variety of drinks because each customer is a different world.

On the other hand, we have other types of bars that are not so pretentious with this theme and use “simple” cups. On the other hand, we have the size of the glass, it is said that the ideal glass that every bar should have is approximately 16 and 24 ounces of approximately 400 to 600 ml. Another important factor that many people look for in a bar is their cleanliness. Yes, for many people it is important that the site where they sit to analyze, think, celebrate, enjoy, and know this clean.

Plan B Hostess Bar
Plan B Hostess Bar

Many bars are recognized for this, and I sincerely believe that this is one of the most important factors, because the first thing that the tourist observes is the appearance. In Manila, we can find a very good bar, called Plan B Hostess Bar. Plan B is a hostess bar located on Burgos Street, Makati, in Manila. This is one of the best bars, my friends. You can find in the area. I sincerely believe that it is worth knowing. This bar contains the most beautiful women in the area and is always full of them, whether they are workers or clients.

The bar can be found in front of another disc/bar very recognized in the area, definitely a great option. The bar physically has certain characteristics; in the outskirts, you will notice that it has great neon signs with the name of the bar, inside you will find a great bar, a stage, which always or almost always meets 5 very sensual dancers. On the other hand in terms of service, this is very good, I think one of the best in Manila. The orders are sent to you by the waitresses, who have very sexy clothes.

The drinks are very good, and the prices of these vary from the material used to make it. With regard to music is very good, it is not the best of the bar, however, you can see that they make their best effort to give their best, the music they usually place is the usual, top 40. The nightlife in Manila is usually very busy, in the area there are many bars with these characteristics, however I do not think many are like Plan B. It is necessary to know that most of the bars in Manila have an escort service, so if you want to be alone, it will be a bit difficult, considering this.

Their incredible drinks characterize the manila bars, many bars like Plan B Hostess are characterized by the different types of drinks that usually prepare in this. Plan B is a bar that has transcended over the years since its inception this has been a characteristic bar because it is located diagonally to a hotel, the bar has an excellent service of waitresses, despite being a Stewardess bar. Millions of people visit the bar annually, which includes a large number of tourists; we could say that most tourists who visit Manila go through this bar.

On the other hand, we have that a group of friends also usually visits this bar; it is more I would say that one of the main strengths of the bar is the number of young people who usually go through this. You can find different groups of people. You can find people who only visit the bar with the intention of dancing, drinking, distracting their mind night after night.

Plan B Hostess Bar
Plan B Hostess Bar

Also, we found that the facilities of the bar are spacious, unlike other bars in which 60 people enter and are already full this, this bar has a few spacious facilities, which is ideal especially when it is a seasoned tourism, which is usually visited by many more people than the rest of the year. These characteristics differentiate Plan B Hostess Bar from other bars.

Although this bar does not have support in social networks like many others since they do not have any Fan Page on Facebook or any type of web portal (or so I think). This bar is well known by the population of Manila, unlike other bars that have a Facebook page and some type of web portal and even Instagram profile, which increases the number of visits they may have. However as I mentioned before, this bar is perhaps visited for the perfection of its drinks, and the attention that waitresses have with customers, many bars that have pages and accounts in social media have a terrible service of waitresses or have very high prices.

It is curious to see how in Manila there are usually two lifestyles. There are people who do all their work in the day, there is also a very large and generally young group of people who work there, they are responsible for “Give life” to this type of premises, and personally, I consider this very important, it is one of the things that tourists attract the most. We hope that this content is to your liking if you have had the opportunity to visit this wonderful bar, comment what your experience was, if you still do not do it, my recommendation is to do it.

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