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The Exit Bar – Manila

The Exit Bar Manila

Usually when we talk about parties, drinks and entertainment, we are talking about the Philippines. When we talk about crazy nights in the Philippines, we cannot stop thinking about Manila. Is that this capital is the second largest city by number of inhabitants. It is located in part of the east coast of Manila Bay. This is one of the cities with the highest tourist influx in the Philippines. If we take into account that this city is listed as the finest city in the Philippines, we could say that most of the tourists that usually pass through here are important businessmen. They can also be people with enough money to enjoy the holidays they want. However, nights in Manila are often called “hot manila nights”.

In this city we can find several places where we could have a good night. Also, you could enjoy beautiful women and meet excellent people. Most of these are bars, clubs, among others, most of these have live shows, karaoke, erotic dances, among many other things that can be seen in these types of night spots. Located exactly at Ground Floor Corinthian Plaza, 121, Paseo De Roxas, Legaspi Village, Legazpi Village, Makati, 1229 Metro Manila, Philippines, we have one of the bars that usually has a good audience. Over the years, it has been improving its attention to the public and its physical structure.

The Exit Bar Manila
The Exit Bar Manila

This bar has air conditioning, sofa, live music, as well as a DJ. The type of music they usually place is usually varied. It should be noted that the lights in this bar are usually very dark. This makes it perfect for making the famous “Blind Friendships”. With regard to what has to do with the staff, they are usually very friendly, well dressed and with a cordial treatment, they make you feel very comfortable in reality. This bar is perfect to go free of stress and forget everything for a moment. Many people recommend it for the kindness of its staff, and because despite being a very small place makes you enter your comfort zone.

One of the things that characterizes The exit bar is the variety and the perfect that are usually their cocktails, on the other hand the food or “Bocadillos” they offer are very good, among which we can find Mexican sandwiches. The Speakeasy bar is literally behind an emergency exit, so many people tend to have problems looking for it. People who have had the opportunity to visit him comment that entering this makes you feel that you are entering another dimension. We can find this bar open between 5:00 P.M until 2:00 A.M.

The exit bar offers a kind of privacy that allows a very relaxed drinking session, this has gained respect among the other bars, with the passage of time has become the ideal place for lovers of conversations in the dark, and long, unlike the other bars that are often noisy, annoying and smoky. The owners of Exit have established themselves in those small details that make a difference, such as the way in which each beer is served or the type of glass that is used to serve the various drinks.

Among the drinks that waiters usually recommend, we have the De Rigeur, this is no more than the combination of bourbon, grapefruit and honey. There is also De rigeur, which is a drink that by tasting it you will notice that it does not leave the bitter touch that alcohol usually has. On the other hand, we have the fabulous Old sport, which has the taste of cucumber; it floats above lemon, mint and gin. This makes you feel that instead of drinking a cocktail you are drinking a juice. But although there are different drinks that are usually drinks by men.

The Exit Bar Manila
The Exit Bar Manila

Within this bar, there are also drinks that are specifically for women. Cocktail crow. This is one of the bar’s best’s drinks. It looks a little pink. This drink is what gentlemen usually ask when they take a date to this bar because its taste is mild but not obvious alcohol. The location of this bar is perfect, practically strategic. It is around this are various shops including the majority are food. In case you need to eat something heavy to accompany your fabulous drinks, when leaving this you will find the “Plaza cafe” and the fabulous sandwich shop. The majority of The Exit customers usually order in a coffee place, which, when their order is ready, goes to the bar and they personally deliver the order issued.

In summary, we would say that this bar has all the characteristic elements of a real clandestine bar in Manila. It consists of a dark room, liquor bar that is usually well stocked. It has traditional cocktails and customers with class, on the other hand we also discovered that the cocktails of this bar are much cheaper (although they are made with branded materials) than the cocktails of other bars in the area. Within it, you will find the comfort you need.

I think that tourists, who visit Manila, should know this amazing bar, being one of the best in the area. One of the things that this experience has taught me is that you do not need an excessively large room with thousands of things, optical lighting, and music at full volume to feel comfortable and enjoy good drinks. It is best enjoyed being in a small room with the necessary lighting to know who you are with right?

Also with a soft background music which will allow you to establish a good conversation with your friends or partners. All this, while you enjoy a good drink. In short, this bar offers you a very different opportunity to the other bars. Really, the owners were very creative at the time of elaboration. Personally, I loved it. I invite you to visit this fabulous bar and tell us about your experience. If you have already visited and you think we missed something, for us it is important that you tell us what you think we have not been able to tell.

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