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If you search for the naughtiest Manila bars on the internet to enjoy hot Manila nights to meet with sexy girls then you will found that people will be talking about this popular bar named as “High Heels”. The welcoming sign on the building of this bar will make you bit excited and give you an idea that what you are going to get inside. This is also one of few bars in Manila where you enjoy the hot action by paying a little bar fine; this includes the soft sex, blowjobs and much more.

The Manila Philippines nightlife is all about the dance, music, sex, free blowjobs, drinks and go-go dancing. Finding all of these things in a single bar is not difficult in Manila Philippines but finding this will quality could be a bit challenging if you are not good in judging the place. If you want to enjoy the quality of drinks, sexy girls for sex and get a blowjob while enjoying the drink, then you can get in this go-go bar of Manila called “High Heels” because you will get all of this here with quality to enjoy Manila Philippines nightlife.

Where is it located

The High Heels bar is located on the P Burgos Street. This street is popular for the Manila nightlife. Getting it is not difficult. If you have booked a hotel room near to the street, then you can reach there by foot but if you are staying far then you need to book the taxi or use the other public transport. In very low fare, you can be standing in the front of this bar.

The High Heels board can be seen from the entrance of the Burgos Street. So, you have not need to waste your time to find it.

manila nightlife

What to do there

This is a naughty go-go bar. One of those Manila bars which does not just offer a verity of drinks, sexy performance by the sexy girls with big boobs but also allow you to get a free blowjob.

I was welcomed in this bar by two girls who grabbed my dick. It was a bit uncomfortable to the start because I was not expecting this but later they made it very comfortable by pushing their boobs on my face and guess what? This was all for free even before ordering the drinks. The welcome by the girls will make you enough excited to give your body to these sexy girls.

The girls there will ask for the lady drink. If you want a wild hot Manila night, then you can purchase the ladies drinks for the whole group of the girl and then leave your body to them. They will not just allow you to touch their body parts, kiss wherever you want but they will make you wet by touching your private parts. Of course, you can only offer the lady drink to the 1 or 2 girls at a time if you don’t want that the group of the girls grab your dick.

This bar is more likely a place for sex only that’s why there is a very small stage for the dance where you will hardly see any girl performing. The most of the girls serve the drinks and ask for blowjob, sex, and other naughty things. If you offer a good tip, the girl will not take time to take you to the dark corner of the bar with sofa to give you a deep blowjob.

This bar has the short time rooms on the back of the bar. So, if you are interested in a girl to have sex then simply pay the bar fine of 3800 PHP and enjoy the sex with the girl of your choice.


manila nightlife
manila nightlife

Prices at High Heels

Drinks in this bar do not cost much. The local drink cost less than 100 PHP where the imported drink cost just little more than 100 PHP. Buying drink allows you to get involved with the bar girls and watch the boring dance performance by the girls on the small stage.

The ladies drink cost no more than 400 PHP by which the whole group of the girl will try to grab your private parts and push their boobs on your face. They do also have the blowjob option on the dark corners of the bar. The blowjob cost 1000 PHP until you get wet. To have sex, you need to pay the bar fine which is no more than 3800 PHP. During the weekend, the price of the bar fine and blowjob can be increased due to high demand.

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