Manila Bars

Manila Bars

Kojax / Hot Spot Manila

Kojax Hot Spot Manila

Kojax /Hot Spot is one of the numerous gogo bars in Manila. It is in an alley between Palladium Karaoke and Bourbon Bar, another dancer club.

You don’t pay any entrance fee. A beer will cost you 250 pesos and a spirit 400. You have a center stage with around 10 girls dancing in bikinis and lingerie. Customers are sitting comfortably all around in sofas. It is not crowd at all when you visit at 5am on a Saturday. Girls do not go full nude but they are g-strings and see-through tops. Most are average looking and barely looking 18 years old. The music is a mix of mainstream pop, EDM and R N’B hits.

For a hostess bar, nobody push you to be with a girl or to drink alcohol. A dancer come at one point but only to introduce yourself.

You took several photos but the security made you erase them unfortunately. It seems you may take girls with you but you must pay a steep 2,500 pesos bar fine (+ what you negotiated for the girl).

If one has already been to Bottoms up or Plan be or Kojax earlier in the evening then Hotspot might feel like a slow or dead bar. Nonetheless it is worth a visit. You never know where you might find the girl of the night. At least I believe in this and get into all bars I can without any prejudice.

Hell we even went to Stardust basis of reports and it turned out to be a waste of time and money with barely 3 or 4 girls on stage. Totally sucked but then we did go there and check out.

Kojax Hot Spot Manila
Kojax Hot Spot Manila

For starters Kojax is a bit more spread out in comparison to PlanB. They have a central square area for the girls to strut their stuff while there are booths lining the 4 sides of the bar, with quite a bit of space in between the dancing square and the booths. And it is a lot quieter than PlanB and definitely nowhere as wild as Bottoms. If you are seated in the right booths you can enjoy a decent bit of privacy but I think there is more fun to engage openly in debauchery inside the bar. The hotel room affords all the privacy I need later. From the name KOJAX I gather than the bar is favored more by Philippines. When I was there in Dec 2015 I was an odd man out but the mamasan and the waitresses were all very friendly.

The girls were absolutely gorgeous. Plenty of incredibly cute 18 – 22 yo begging to be taken. I can’t wait to get back in May. The layout at Kojax is interesting. The square stage with the seats around it reminded me of a boxing ring. Very simple, but effective. Sit anywhere and you have a good view of the stage.

The best was I called up one of the top notch massage girls offering Langham massage, and on my previous trip she wouldn’t even let me touch her boobs. I talked her into that, and after a little while she offered up the full Monte, and it was wonderful. What a nice surprise..Mine story is also like you, I called up a chick from the same site and she charges 5 K for 2 pop. She was good, but not of 5 K PHP kind of stuff. Then I searched web, and talk with Nauru massage.

They asked 8 K for 3 hours. Then I just hang around few of the clubs around by the bay and Quezon and get one girl. She is in her 20’s and really beauty; she speaks good English and studied till.

Kojax Hot Spot Manila
Kojax Hot Spot Manila

Her graduation. She is still with me, and spending wonderful time. Don’t waste your money on Cupid you can get many from bars and Disco’s. As far as massage is concern, Where you get 1 hour massage in just 170 PHP and B2B, Lingam 500-1 K, it’s on your negotiation skill with the girl behind doors. You will not trust me the kind of Beauty they have.

The above said statement is not just a doctored story; by it’s my real time experience in Manila. I got other girls as well, but couldn’t continue as I am already happy with existing Pinya GF.

Nightlife in manila is identical with modern living; in fact it’s probably the most sophisticated city in the Philippines. This place is known worldwide as the business center of the Philippines, where businessmen from all over the world are making business deals on a daily basis. But this city also has a different side, a playful side. Besides being a business center, Makati is also known for its vibrant nightlife scene.

In Makati, you can find various nightlife venues with different kinds of entertainment and atmospheres. From exotic restaurants to sports bars and nightclubs, this city has everything to keep your nights exciting.

Fields Avenue is the principle Manila nightlife strip with Kojax, and everybody visiting the city should pop down here after dark just to experience the mayhem first hand. A good many of these Kojax are open 24/7, while others start in the evening and carry on until the wee small hours of the morning.

Kojax Hot Spot Manila
Kojax Hot Spot Manila

Prices of drinks in KOJAX tend to be extremely low, so bar-hopping down Fields Avenue is not going to require a second mortgage. English is spoken by virtually all the hospitality staff of the neighbourhood so there is no language barrier between you and your firm friends.

Generally the bar girls in Manila are all straight with little gay or ladyboy action like one might find in Thailand. Those wanting to head out with a lady with have to pay an ‘early exit fee’ or ‘bar fine’ which normally amounts to around eight drinks. Prices are cheaper here than in equivalent Ermita or Malate establishments in Manila. Otherwise there are plenty of Manila casinos listed here for those that want to get lucky in a less lurid way.


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