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Manila Bars

Bottoms Bar Manila

P Burgos Street is the main places in Manila where you can find the best Manila bars to enjoy hot Manila nights in reasonable prices; one of them is Bottoms Bar. It is a busy Go-Go bar which means that you need to reach there early in the night if you want to get comfortable places to sit and enjoy the show where reaching earlier to this bar to enjoy nightlife means that you will have the better chances to meet with the girl of your desire.

Manila Philippines nightlife is basically famous for the hot and young girls and if you step in the Bottoms Bar then you can get this. This is why it is sometimes hard to get a place there due to the high demand of the visitors.

The Bottoms bar is located on the P Burgos Street. This makes it a desirable bar for the travelers because they do not need to look for hours to reach there. Simply asked the Taxi driver for this bar and you will be there within few minutes. Also, in case if you do not get chances to get in due to a lot of people then you have the option to switch to other nearby bars.

Why go to the Bottom bar

There are four reasons which make the Bottom bar the most popular bar of the town, this includes:

  • The ideal location which makes it easy to reach there
  • The sexy girls who wear almost nothing on the stage
  • Positive reviews by the other visitors on internet
  • They have private booths for the blowjob in the bar.

This is also one of those Manila bars where you can found that the beautiful young girls performing nude. They do have a special time for the topless dancers on the stage. Offering the lady drink to the topless bar means that you will be allowed to touch her and do the naughty things in the private booth but if you want to take the girl to your hotel room then you must pay the bar fine.

Prices at Bottom Bar

Forget about the prices of the drinks because they are almost similar in each bar in Manila. The nightlife in Manila is more famous for the sexy girls, Manila escorts, Manila sex workers and sex. So, we will talk about these things in this section to give you an idea about the money which you should expect to pay to enjoy the Manila Philippines nightlife.

There is no fee to enter in this topless dancer go-go bar. Yes, it’s totally free. TO enjoy the show, you need to pay for the drink only. Time by time, the girls will be come on the stage and perform. If you like a girl, you can offer her a lady drink. The cost of lady drink is only 400 PHP. This will allow you to take the girl home but you need to pay the bar fine as well. The bar fine in this bar is about 4000 PHP.

There is also the private booth in the bar for the blowjob. You don’t need to pay for this if you have already paid for the lady drink. Just ask the girl for a blowjob and she will take you the private booth. Giving tip to her will allow you to enjoy extra in the private booth.

If you are looking for a free date, then this is not really a bar for you because there are almost zero local girls in the bar but male visitors only.


What to do there

Do I need to write more, that what you can do there? Well, other than just having drinks, picking girls for sex, getting a blowjob, you can also watch the live performance by the strippers on the stage. There are two stages in this bar; one is bigger and the other one is small. On the small stage, only 2-3 girls perform at a time where on other stage, more than 7 girls can do the naughty things.

The both stages are surrounded by the chairs so that the visitors can enjoy the performance. You can simply order the drinks and enjoy the sexy performance by topless girls there if you are not into sex but want to enjoy dancing girls there.

Overall, I will rate Bottom 9/10. I am rating this 9, not 10 because of the people and size of the bar. The bar is already big enough but due to high demand, it could be hard to get in there.

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