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20:20 Bar – Manila


Most of the bars focus on appearance, luxurious walls, luxurious bars, expensive drinks, and an end of things that are not worth mentioning. However, many people only look for a unique atmosphere, or something humble, with the passage of time we have been able to meet a number of incredible bars in search of quality. In many cases, we find bars that look spectacular, but unfortunately, the service is totally disgusting. In other cases, we find bars that are simply humble but that the staff that makes life there is an effort to make each client happy, and honestly this is one of the strengths of many bars, most people just look for something simple or something they can have a good conversation with their friends, without much bustle.

Currently there are bars that we have not yet been able to meet. However, the few we have met are great, in Manila there are many bars that have been talked about a lot. There are also bars that are not recognized, but they have gradually gone attracting the public. By social media, or by the people who either frequent these bars, or have made that known to others. It is amazing to see the amount of people who tend to go out night after night in that city; really the nights there they are hot. There is a bar located in Makati, Manila, Philippines, called 20:20 this bar does not have much recognition. It is almost invisible, however, there are people who have been responsible for spreading the word about the existence of this wonderful bar, despite not have great notoriety in Manila, this is one of the best bars you could attend. Although this bar has a peculiarity, that many other bars in the area do not have.

20:20 presents a relaxing atmosphere with a spacious setting, high ceilings and dim lights. Incredibly, we will notice that wooden panels, metal finishes, cement walls and a series of murals and designs surround the place. That defines the character of the place: Old American merges with Steam Punk. Anna Sobrena Ong owns this wonderful place and she makes her favorite drink with her Russian mixologist, Alyona Vinogradova. Fortunately, you can also mix your own recipe as long as they have the ingredients available in the house, which personally seems fascinating to me.

Sometimes there have been people who have been confused by a club that is next to this place, whose name is; XX XX, confusion transcends by name, since this is 20:20 in Roman numbers, but no, this club is only brother of the bar, which is responsible for the realization of various events in the city. One of the first things you will notice when entering this will be the murals that this place has.

With regard to what music is, we have weekly the bar is responsible for bringing the best DJs in the area so that they are responsible for starting the bar. Despite not being a bar so famous this is usually full of people, the bar has a seating area, in which people usually sit when they arrive, hence a waiter is in charge of knowing which drink you prefer.

One of the things that separates this bar from others is the way in which the drinks are served, and that is that they are responsible for serving the same in some cups a little terrifying, but very refreshing and comfortable, while other drinks They are served in aluminum cups. Apparently, each drink has a cup that characterizes it, and this has attracted a lot of attention from its customers.

20-20-bar manila
20-20-bar manila

On the other hand, they offer snacks so that the effect of alcohol takes a little while to appear, many of these are very good. In fact, they help a lot, among which we can mention the grilled calamari, chorizo ​​with wine, prawns Garlic, quail eggs marinated with anchovies, and some delicious desserts, incredibly the food in this bar seems to be a little cheap, this is perfect to help the stomach.

As for the staff that works here, we could say that it is simply spectacular, they are very quick with the orders, and very attentive to what you need, they elaborate the drink of your preference, and they give you certain tricks to make the perfect drink. With regard to the location of this bar we could say that it is a bit far from some restaurants, the closest you have is an art gallery.

One of highest recognition Manila’s bars, this has been gaining with the passage of time a very good reputation and every day has become much more famous. People who frequent this site regularly have gradually made a home, they have given the necessary environment for anyone to want to be inside their facilities. Even though it is very difficult to locate correctly since it is a speakeasy bar worth looking for, because you will feel at home when you are inside it. If you go with your friends you will get the most out of this fabulous bar, and if you go on an appointment plan you will get twice as much, now if you are only going to enjoy good music and meet more people, it is also an ideal place .

In social networks this bar remains active, they usually upload videos and photos of their weekly meetings, and of the most active groups that visit the bar, they currently have approximately 5,000 followers and ancestry, whenever you need to know something about prices or How to get to the bar you can write to them, they usually respond. If you ask me my recommendation about this bar, it will be worth going to know it, alone, or accompanied, the attention and excellence will be the same, if you already knew what your experience was going, and if not, we recommend that you go to meet this fabulous bar.

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